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英国阿伯丁大学留学条件 阿伯丁租房一个月多少钱When it comes to studying abroad, one of the important considerations for prospective students is the cost of living and accommodation in the chosen destination. This article will discuss the options for studying at the University of Aberdeen and the cost of renting accommodation in Aberdeen, providing valuable information for those planning to study in this beautiful Scottish city.

Option 1: On-Campus Accommodation
The University of Aberdeen offers on-campus accommodation for its students. This can be an ideal option for international students, as it provides convenience and a sense of community. Living on campus allows students to immerse themselves in university life, make friends easily, and have easy access to academic facilities. While the cost may vary depending on the type of room and the amenities provided, on-campus accommodation generally ranges from £90 to £165 per week. This is inclusive of utilities such as water, electricity, and Wi-Fi.

Option 2: Off-Campus Apartments
Another popular option for students studying at the University of Aberdeen is renting an apartment off-campus. This can provide more independence and flexibility. The cost of renting an apartment in Aberdeen can vary depending on the location, size, and condition of the property. On average, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center can cost around £600 to £800 per month, while a similar apartment outside the city center may range from £400 to £600 per month. It’s important to consider additional expenses such as utilities, council tax, and internet, which are usually not included in the rent.

Option 3: House-Sharing
House-sharing is a common practice among students, as it allows for shared expenses and a vibrant social life. Aberdeen offers a range of houses and flats that can be rented by multiple students. The cost of house-sharing varies depending on the size and location of the property, as well as the number of people sharing. Rent for a shared house in Aberdeen can range from £250 to £500 per person per month. This option allows students to live in a larger space with shared responsibilities, creating a sense of camaraderie among housemates.

Other Considerations:
In addition to the three main options mentioned above, there are some other factors that students should consider when renting accommodation in Aberdeen. These include proximity to campus, transportation options, and the overall neighborhood. It’s important to choose an area that suits individual preferences, whether it’s a bustling city center or a quieter suburb. Students should also factor in travel costs, as living closer to the university may reduce transportation expenses.


When considering studying at the University of Aberdeen, it’s crucial to evaluate the available options for accommodation. While on-campus accommodation offers convenience and a sense of community, off-campus apartments and house-sharing provide more independence and flexibility. The cost of renting accommodation in Aberdeen varies depending on the type of accommodation and its location. By carefully weighing the options and considering individual preferences, students can find the right balance between comfort, cost-effectiveness, and proximity to the university.


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